Every rider has a unique build, therefore, it often happens that the original seat pad does not fit the owner. To avoid the numbness and pain caused by uncomfortable seating, why not go for gel pad inserts to significantly enhance your riding pleasure and forget about physical discomfort?

Let us review the steps of the technology with which your seat is rebuilt.

Padding, foams:

- first, you tell us about your ideas, what you would like to alter to what extent
- then, we cut the shape from the appropriate foam according to the size (you can choose from foams with different density)
- additionally, you can ask for a gel pad insert on top of the foam to reach ultimate comfort
- after the foam layers get their final form, we close them with a special film layer to prevent the foam from getting wet

Gel pad inserts / seat: 70 €, size 37 cm x 30 cm, thickness 19 mm.

Making the cover:

- from the chosen color combinations we make a sketch so that you can see what it will be like on your seat
- based on this sketch we make the pattern of the leather, then we tailor and sew it
- the cover material is embroidered and is given the labels according to your wishes
- the inside of the leather gets another waterproof film layer on the surface of the embroidery
- after that we fix the cover material, the inside of which is glued along the sewing to reach maximum watertightness

Picture 1: leather samples
Picture 2: carbon cover samples

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